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to become thin at the coast on monday. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. we'll see you at 6:00. on the program this saturday night, without warning. fast moving floodwaters trigger i deadly mudslide sending a destructive surge of water ask debris through neighborhood streets and the threat isn't over. massive search, the manhunt in the mountains for a missing teen and her accused kidnapping escalates. what's being done to find them? >> under fire. debate over the government surveillance practices as the president begins his vacation. healthy choices? big challenges ahead for when the new health care law takes effect. will you have to change your doctor? and kicklicious. he was an internet sensation, but can he handle the big league pressure on the field? >> announcer: this is nbc
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nightly news with lester holt. substituting tonight is kate snow. >> good evening. the water came fast and caught a lot of americans off guard overnight in places where the ground was already saturated and inches fell within hours. there were rivers of muddy water filled with debris roaring past houses and downed highways. heavy rains hit several states across the middle of the country with more rain in the forecast and in colorado, the flash flooding was deadly. that's where we begin west of colorado springs with leanne gregg. it hit without warning. >> reporter: as you can see the clean up is now under way. within the last 24 hours, a wall of water hit this town, surging more than 12 feet above the creek bed sending visitors and residents scrambling for higher ground. more than an inch of rain turned this roadway into a raging river rushing 25 to 30 miles an hour.
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>> oh, god. >> reporter: torrential downpours hit west of colorado springs, causing flash floods and triggering mudslides and sweeping cars and homes in the tourist town. >> i have concerning news to share with you. >> reporter: officials reported dead and several injured and three people still missing. >> we will be doing the best to get the city cleaned up to get back to business as usual. >> reporter: the owner of a local restaurant said the storm hit during business hours. >> it was very, very scary. my staff had to evacuate. the customers to the east side of the restaurant. there was food sitting on the table and candles burning. >> reporter: justin was trapped in the building for more than two hours. >> i was balling my eyes out. it was like a raging black river coming down. >> reporter: colorado is one of six states to suffer severe
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damage from flash floods this week. in central missouri up to nine inches of rain. floodwaters swamped this crane and sent it crashing down. >> no, no, no! >> reporter: residents outside nashville were forced to seek refuge while waiting for rescue workers. in arkansas more than inches of rain, the result of a storm system that stalled over the plains. ba being in central colorado, a break in the rain. revealing the damage. homes covered in debris. roads no longer accessible. tonight flash flood warnings remain in place. >> it's going to drag you in and rip your clothes off. you don't want to get caught in it and be anywhere near that. >> reporter: roads remain closed tonight. clean up crews are still pumping water from low-lying areas back into fountain creek. within the last hour, volunteers have been asked to leave because of the threat of more flooding. kate? >> let's bring in meteorologist
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kim cunningham. what can folks expect tonight? >> kate, it does look like thunderstorms have developed right over or close to that area once again. you can see on the radar where the green is, the dark green has heavier rain. that hopefully will be moving out soon. it being looks like we might catch a break sunday and monday, but tuesday more storms are in the forecast for eastern colorado, catching a break in southern missouri which is definitely something we need. as long as that stationary boundary is in that area, there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms and potential for more flash flooding. looking better into missouri. >> kim kunging ham with the weather channel. now to breaking new withes with the manhunt in idaho for a missing california teen and her abductor. the latest from the search area. >> we heard from authorities that the amber alert came to an end. hannah anderson is found and
5:35 pm
healthy. the suspect in this disappearance, james dimaggio was shot and killed this afternoon by an fbi agent. we do not know the details, but we know there was a confrontation in the wilderness between authorities and dimaggio who was wi hannah ander and the sheriff told us that one of the fbi agents opened fire, shooting and killing dimaggio. this is a case that has been going on for nearly a week. hannah anderson disappeared sunday after her mother and brother were found killed, murdered in dimaggio's burned out home. she was missing, issuing an amber alert. it was feared dimaggio was the suspect in this case. just this week yesterday authorities found dimaggio's car in a heavily wooded area in idaho that came from a tip from someone who thought he spotted them in the wilderness on
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wednesday. today there is a massive manhunt as authorities searched and they were able to find him and bring this case to a close. we are told hannah anderson's dad has been notify and he is elated and relieved and they are trying to reunite them sometime tomorrow morning. we are expecting more details from here in idaho in the next hour. that is the very latest from cascade, idaho. >> thanks. it is august and like many americans, president obama packed up and headed for the beach today. for the president it's a little tougher to leave his troubles behind, especially the day after he tried to persuade skeptics the surveillance program is necessary for national security. kristen welker reports from massachusetts tonight. >> president obama began his-day family vacation this afternoon. even on martha's vineyard there was no break from the ongoing debate about his
5:37 pm
administration's controversial program. >> although i understand the necessity of them for my own protection, i'm concerned that there is no control as to how far they go. >> i am more concerned about safety of the country than any individual liberties. >> on friday the president tried to calm the public by announcing new measures aimed at enhancing transparency and strengthening oversight and the program that governs them. >> we can be more transparent. >> there is sharp disagreement. some are encouraged -- >> i like the fact that steps have been announced, but we won't know for sure whether or not they go far enough. >> it probably is important to have transparency so people can get on board with the program. >> others remain deeply skeptical. >> disappointed and i don't think we should fight against that. we have to push obama to do better. it's not good enough. >> it's mostly overly a threat to democracy and the threat to
5:38 pm
the basic principles of the republic for the americans. >> those were highlighted in a "wall street journal" poll that showed 56% of americans are worried the united states will go too far in violating privacy rights, a dramatic shift from the post 9/11 era when 55% expressed concern that the u.s. wouldn't go far enough in monitoring terrorists. >> i think the public concerns about the programs are not going to be settled until there is more discussion and more debate and more action. i think this is an issue that isn't cooked yet. >> while on vacation, president obama will get regular briefings including by his national security adviser susan rice, but the process of reforming the nsa will have to wait until congress is back in session in september. kate? >> kristen welker. for mer on the fallout, david gregory from "meet the press" is
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here tonight. we heard americans some of whom have a tough time with the idea of government surveillance. does the president have an uphill battle? are. >> he does to some extent. you look at the opposition against him and some of his own political base with liberals and libertarian conservatives, but there is a vast middle of americans who this far after 9/11 understand the threat. we had a lot of embassies close and worldwide travel alers because of the plot. there is a sense of urgency about protecting the country. the president has that room to maneuver. this far after 9-11 at a period of debate is the time to put those safeguards in. americans don't want to live in a permanent sense of surveillance or in a security state. the president believes that is also the case, but he's got like all presidents a much lower threshold for risk in the face of terrorism. that's what his defense of the programs speaks to.
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>> david, thanks so much and you will continue this conversation with congressman mike mccall, chair of the homeland security committee and clair mccaskle on "meet the press." after a month, a public lawsuit and a growing chorus of fellow democrats demanding resignation, san diego's mayor's aides said he completed two weeks of therapy the at a residential therapy and will continue as an out patient. the mayor of the eighth largest city was nowhere to be seen. luke russert reports. >> i i will be undergoing two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior. >> are san diego mayor is out today and will continue his treatment for sexual harassment on an out patient basis that demands his resignation intensified. the latest from california senator barbara boxer wrote bob, you have hurt so many people and
5:41 pm
you should step down immediately. allegations against him first surfaced when his communications director went public last month. >> i was placed in a filner headlock and moved around as a rag doll while he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> over a dozen women came if order with similar charges including an admiral. >> he ran his finger up my check and whispered do you have a man in your life. >> a college dean. >> he held me which was inappropriate. the hand on the knee that lasted too long. >> last week new victims allege he harassed them while working with a female veterans group. >> we trusted him to come into an organization like that. it is supposed to be a safe place to heal. >> both senators and nancy pelosi and everyday residents of san diego seem to have had enough. >> we lost confidence in his leadership completely. this man needs to resign
5:42 pm
immediately. >> the fact that someone thinks they can go to rehab for two weeks and change when it has been a pattern is ridiculous. >> and filner will be not going to work next week. he still needs more personal time. it is unclear where he is tonight. they are not disclosing his location. it's also unclear when his first public appearance will be. kate? >> in san diego tonight, there is late word from israel that benjamin netanyahu has been hospitalized in jerusalem. he will undergo surgery to remove a hernia and should be released from the hospital tomorrow. also overseas, joy at the end of the ramadan holiday turned to tragedy today from baghdad to kirkuk and car bally. a wave of bombings killeda the least 69 people. they appeared to be coordinated sparking fears that iraq is on the verge of a new round of sectarian bloodshed. also on edge, the sinai
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peninsula with israel where several suspected militants have been killed and a rocket launcher was destroyed in what media said may have been an israeli drone strike. torrential rain led to widespread flooding and mudslide says in northern japan, killing people and forcing hundreds to evacuate. when nightly news continues on this saturday, the surprises you may face when the new health care law takes effect and his trick shots made him a you tube sensation and quite possibly the next big nfl star. my asthma's under control. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week. my asthma doesn't bother my family... you coughed all through our date night! i hardly use my rescue inhaler at all. what did you say? how about - every day? coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at,
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brand power. helping you buy better. >> when the affordable health care act goes into effect on october 1, a lot around retirement age have choices to make. should they switch to a new health care coverage and if they do, will that mean changing doctors. dr. nancy snyderman reports. >> 62-year-old patty sutton works the early morning shift at starbucks. this previously retired barista didn't go back to work for a paycheck. >> i'm there for health insurance. that's about the only reason. >> she wants to retire, but her insurance covers herself and her husband, scott, who is permanently disabled. they are too young for medicare and can't afford independent coverage that allows them to keep their current physicians. >> we have to stay with our doctors. they are specific to what he
5:47 pm
needs and specific to what i need. >> next year people looking to buy their own will have more options through the affordable care act's online market place. >> they can compare prices for plans and see the different plans available to them. >> a new study finds between 500 and 900,000 people like sutton can choose to stop working or retire early based on new options. experts caution there is more to consider than price. >> you want to see whether your physician, whether the specialist that you use are in the network that are offered by the plans. a plan that might look cheaper on the exchange, but doesn't include your network could cost you more. >> most plans vary by location and won't come out until september. some states like ohio report premiums could rise more than 40%. promming news from others like new york where rates drop more than 50%. marilyn said a new plan makes
5:48 pm
sense for her. she retired early and pays nearly $800 a month for limited coverage. >> a lot of people can't afford health insurance and when you do get insurance like i have done in the last year independently, it's very costly. >> i know what i'm getting. >> until patty learns more about arizona's plan, she will remain cautious about changing her coverage. she is hopeful the exchange offers a ticket back to retirement. >> i want to be a starbucks customer instead of a starbucks employee. >> today she is concentrating on care. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news, new york. >> when nbc nightly news continues, cruising memory lane one last time. it's bon voyage to the love boat.
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friends and colleagues remembered our colleague, veteran news correspondent john palmer as the consummate broadcast journalist. palmer was celebrated for four decades of distinguished service at nbc as a white house correspondent and reporter on the frontlines and news anchor on the "today" show. john palmer died last saturday at 77 years old. a milestone tonight. our nbc station in medford, oregon can, obi celebrating 60 years on the air. like others, the family that
5:52 pm
owns the station gave out freeh tv sets to create an audience in 1953. folks started watching and the station is still going strong today. >> old ships don't fade away. they go to the scrap yard of cultural history. we are talking about the pacific princess, a ship you probably know better as the love boat which is making its final run. michelle franzen on the end of a love affair. ♪ the love boat >> the love boat set sail in the 70s. >> they don't make programs like that anymore. >>. >> each week the celebrity guests and favorites like charro. along with the funny antics of the crew members like the captain and gopher. >> why me? >> that helped launch the idea of a cruise vacation for millions of americans. >> it's something you watch and you think you would like to do something like that some day.
5:53 pm
>> the real life love boat made its final voyage after 42 years, towed into the scrap yard in turkey where it will be stripped for spare parts. one of the reasons that are i dismantlin dismantling, by today's standards, it's too small only accommodating 600 passengers. this ship holds 3,000. it's sad for those who long for the love boat to see this vintage cruise liner go. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> watched it every week. when we come back, the kicker who calls himself kicklicious. how he went from the internet to the biggest stage of all. the footage is fantastic. and t. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big.
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finally tonight, he may not . >> finally tonight, he may not have the pedigree, but he can kick a football. he turned the video into a viral sensation. too good to be true? the pigskin prog nafticators bet it will pay off. kevin tibbles has the story. >> in the pantheon of sports that is the nfl, could this red head be a household name. >> how should i pronounce your name? >> [speaking foreign language] >> he is the 28-year-old left foo the the phenom from norway, of all places. last night he suited up and played in his very first preseason game seeking a spot on
5:57 pm
the detroit lions roster. >> do you know who he is? >> no. >> no. >> internet afficionados may know him by his other name, kicklicious. >> i know kicklicious. >> he put out this homemade video putting his soccer skills to the pigskin. how to describe it? jaw dropping. it has already been viewed 4.5 million times, not bad for a guy who never touched a football in his life. >> i went online and ordered a football from the states and two weeks after it, i got it. >> turns out a few nfl teams saw it too and the lions invited him to camp. >> the first time he was out here, he punted one ball and got it on his second time which was pretty funny. >> what's your family and friends think back home? >> what are you doing?
5:58 pm
it's kind of surveil for them too. >> he does his talking with his foot and fans are listening. >> he will be a good kicker. >> a couple of good ones over there. >> you know where norway is? >> no. >>. >> everyone has a learning curve. >> this all happened in a year? >> yeah. >> what a year. >> it has been good, yeah. >> should i pinch you to see if you wake up? are. >> i don't want to wake up. i'm good right now. >> imagine if the dream comes true and he wakes up in front of 65,000 people at ford field. kevin tibbles, in, pc news, detroit. >> that are is nightly news if are this saturday. i'm kate snow respecting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night.
5:59 pm
beginning with breaking news. good morning. diane dwyer has the night off and that breaking news has to do with that nationwide amber aleft many reserved on our smart phones this week. tonight the search is over. in the last hour we learned the missing teenage 16-year-old hannah anderson has been found snaf idaho.
6:00 pm
the man suspected of kidnapping her, james dimaggio is dead. fbi agents have been canvassing the area in idaho and officers on the ground zeroed in on them saying dimaggio was shot and killed during an arrest attempt. >> first thing, hannah appeared to be safe, rescued and reunited with her family in the near future. obviously, we would have liked mr. dimaggio to surrender and face justice in the court of law but that's not going to be the case. >> authorities found his car parked yesterday, he is accused of killing hannah's mother and brother. their bodies found in a burning house. hannah will be taken to the hospital to be

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